Why use iPhocus ?

Traditional camcorders are carried over when you have to do some work, but today is very common to use the cameras in your phones for doing home videos, full movies on a budget or a little more expensive ads ;). IPhocus helps you with this task, giving you full manual control over the camcorder of your iPhone.


Manual Focus
The right target

The first time in your iPhone that you can choose an specific range to focus so your finger will go from the main subject up to the background and you will not worry about 'pulling' to much. Acurate control over rack focus.


Exposure tools
Control the light

Because the aperture is fixed you will control independently the ISO, Exposure compensation (EV), or the FPS, shoot up to 240fps in a iPhone 6 while controlling all the rest of parameters.


Nice UI
Developed for all

At the designing process, we did a lot of field tests with profesionals of the film industry to end up with an interface that will be very comfortable in every situation: hand-held, mounted in a tripod, even flying in a drone!.


Made with love

only for the bests

iPhocus works with the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but also with iPhone 5, 5S, 5C. Ah, if you have and iPad 3 or newer you can shoot your videos with iPhocus.
iPhoneography take to the next level: Lights, iPhone, action!



Remote control of iphocus

You have the chance of controlling via Wi-Fi what happens in your other device with iPhocus installed. Like the pros from Hollywood you can do the functions of the camera assistant. One gets the picture in frame, the other controls focus or exposure


shot with iPhocus

This is who We are...

We are Motion Apps, LLC are 3 guys, 2 girls, 2 Americans, 3 Spanish, 1 web developper, 2 engineer, 1 part-time musician, 2 love orange juices, 5 love analogic photography, 1 has lived in five countries, 4 love the beach, 1 has so many old cameras in his house that we will make a short movie about them... obviusly will use iPhocus ;) ".